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We hope your travels on the internet will be prosperous and enjoyable. To help you meet that end we have compiled this link page of recovery related links to some of many, many recovery sites on the net. As you can see this page is also color coded to each program.  Please go and enjoy yourself, then when you are done, just use your back button on your browser to bring you back to the Miracles In Progress Group's web site. If you are out there in cyberspace and see something on your journey that you feel belongs linked to from this page, please send us the URL (website address) and a brief description of the site. We would have to have a vast database of all the great sites out there!

~~Alcoholics Anonymous Related Links:~~

Welcome to AA

AA The Big Book

AA Grapevine

Medline Plus 

Un-Official AA Site

Self Recovery

Working The 12 Steps of AA

International Lawyers in AA

International Doctors in AA

Manual for AA

The Founders of AA

~~Narcotics Anonymous Related Links:~~

Narcotics World Service Guide

The NA Way

12steps of Narcotic Anonymous

"How it Works"

12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous



Al-Anon Related Links:~~

Serenity Prayer

Intervention Guide



Codependent Personality Disorder

American Institute of Stress

Divorce Support Line

Emotional Pain/Anger

The Alcoholic Home

~~Family Teen Group Related Links:~~

Binge Drinking

Teen Smoking

Teens Using Marijuana

Binge Eating Disorder

Teen Pregnancy 

Peer Pressure and Teens

Anorexia and Bulimia Disorders

Teens and Aids

The Club Drug/Ecstasy


~~Adult Children  Related Links:~~

Healing your Inner Child Technique

Marriage and Trust Issues

Dealing with Abandonment Issues

Trustworthy Builds Character

Never Good Enough

Self Injury

Dealing With Guilty Feelings

Immediate Relief for Embarrassment Pain

Managing Jealousy

Night Terrors or Nightmares

~~Child Abuse Survivor Related Link:~~

Child Abuse/Adult Anxiety

Putting The Past Away

Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Adults Abused as Children

The Adult Survivor

Child Abuse Recovery

Psychology of Abuse



Reliving Trauma

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder facts

 Dissociative Identity Disorder

 O.C.D. Foundation

 O.C.D. Facts

Bi-polar... Help

Bipolar Information Center

Agoraphobia Facts

Center for Grief



Look at each day as a chance to invest life into life. Each day is a chance to work miracles in the lives of others. -- Jim Rohn


~~More links to come in the future~~

You see a site that you think belongs on our link Center?? Please, send us the URL (Website Address) so we can add it here. Thank you!

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