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Funding Miracles in Progress

In the spirit of the 12 Traditions the forums do not require any fees or dues, however, we do desire to stay fully self supporting, declining outside contributions. Nor do we wish to ever put advertisements on our site to gain funds in order to pay its expenses. Therefore, we ask each individual who uses and benefits from the site to seek their own heart and make a contribution or donation of an amount that you are comfortable with. Please consider making a donation during our funding drive!

Most who make a 7th tradition contribution in face to face meetings, contribute one dollar at the 1 hour meeting they are attending. Our group holds 14 meetings a week, two each day that you have access to from any where in the world, does not take you away from your home, does not cost any gas to get to or from, and our room and message board is accessible 24 hours a day. If you were to make a ten dollar donation each month, divided by the 56 meetings per month that you have immediate access to, that would equal approximately .18 cents per available meeting each month. This would be a great way to make sure the doors stay open and these resources remain available to the newcomer seeking a new way of life.

Funding drives are created on an as needed basis and are promoted on the individual group and MIP business message boards.

Funding for 2019 is closed and we have met our current needs.

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