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"Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We meet regularly to help each other stay clean. We are not interested in what or how much you used but only in what you want to do about your problem and how we can help.

This site is developed and maintained by members of the
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People who are not using and who have found a new way of life.


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The lack of self-acceptance is a problem for many recovering addicts. This subtle defect is difficult to identify and often goes unrecognized. PI #19
If you are an addict, you must first admit that you have a problem with drugs before any progress can be made toward recovery. PI #16
Although all addicts are basically the same in kind, we do, as individuals, differ in degree of sickness and rate of recovery. PI #6
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Welcome to the Miracles In Progress Group of Narcotics Anonymous! We hope you will join us on our message board and in our chat room and introduce yourself.

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Traveling The Open Road

"This is our road to spiritual growth."
Basic Text, page 35

When we arrived at our first NA meeting, it looked like the end of the road to many of us. We weren't going to be able to use anymore. We were spiritually bankrupt. Most of us were totally isolated and didn't think we had much to live for. Little did we realize that, as we began our program of recovery, we were stepping onto a road of unlimited possibilities.

At first, just not using was tough enough. Yet, as we watched other addicts working the steps and applying those principles in their lives, we began to see that recovery was more than just not using. The lives of our NA friends had changed. They had a relationship with the God of their understanding. They were responsible members of the fellowship and of society. They had a reason to live. We began to believe these things were possible for us, too.

As we continue our recovery journey, we can get sidetracked by complacency, intolerance, or dishonesty. When we do, we need to recognize the signs quickly and get back on our path — the open road to freedom and growth.

Just for today:
I am continuing to develop my spiritual, social, and general living skills by applying the principles of my program. I can travel as far as I wish on the open road of recovery.
pg. 116

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Just for today, my thoughts will be on my recovery, living and enjoying life without the use of drugs.

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